A Line in the Sand: The Anglo-French Struggle for the Middle East 1914-1948

“In the twentieth century, while fighting a common enemy in Europe, Britain and France were locked in a clandestine struggle for power in the Middle East. From the first agreement to divide the region between them to the birth of Israel, A Line in the Sand is a gripping narrative of the last gasp of imperialism, with tales of unscrupulous double-dealing, cynical manipulation, and all-too-frequent violence that continues to the present day.” [from the publisher]

Using many sources, including recently unclassified ones, Barr reveals the many twists and turns this struggle took.  Decisions made at the time, behind closed doors, continue to greatly affect relations between countries and people groups today.  If you want to understand some of the political manipulation and intrigue behind the carving up of the Middle East, this is a great source to read.

I found this book very helpful to understand how much the political wrangling in Europe laid the foundation for the Balfour declaration, the establishment of the Jewish State, and other areas of conflict in the Middle East. I walked away feeling a great distaste for the way that decisions made, behind closed doors, strictly motivated by political gain, can negatively affect entire regions or nations for generations to come.


Genre: History, nonfiction
Subjects: Europe, History, Middle East, World War II

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