The Land Cries Out: A Theology of the Land in the Palestinian-Israeli context

“Our theology does not exist in a vacuum but must relate to the world we inhabit and must influence our moral and ethical actions. This is especially true when discussing theology of “the land” in the context of a violent territorial conflict. The Holy Land has seen so much bloodshed that the earth itself is crying out to God. The chapters presented in this book form a unique collection of voices speaking from different perspectives on the issue of the theology of the land. These voices include Messianic Jewish and Palestinian Christian theologians and scholars who live in the Holy Land, as well as others from around the world. The various chapters reflect a wide spectrum of opinion and reveal how much disagreement still exists among followers of Christ. However, the dialogue generated by having these opposing voices side by side, speaking to each other rather than past each other, is encouraging. This book is both challenging and inspirational, and contributes in an innovative way to this important discussion.” [from the publisher]

This unique collection of voices has been edited by two friends–one a Palestinian Christian, the other an Israeli Messianic believer. It helps one to understand the diverse perspectives on the conflict better. ┬áIt also leaves one hanging with a sense of remaining questions and how much work is yet to be done, if a solution to the conflict, which would be just to all parties involved, is to be done.

This book is high on the short list of books that should be read by anyone that hopes to understand the current conflict more deeply.

Genre: Christian, Non-Fiction, Palestinian / Israel, theology
Subjects: Christian, conflict, Israel, Messianic Believers, Middle East, Palestine, Palestine / Israel, peace building, Theology

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