Light Force: A Stirring Account of the Church Caught in the Middle East Crossfire

I found this to be a very inspiring book.  Brother Andrew recounts dramatic stories from his more recent trips into the Middle East, to strengthen the Church in the Islamic world.  Brother Andrew demonstrates an incredible love for people.  He is also honest of his assessment of how the actions of Israel shaped the relations between itself and its neighboring Islamic countries.

I particularly enjoyed the book, since it shared very valuable background information regarding the the beginning of the Bethlehem Bible College.  Brother Andrew also pleads his case for addressing the needs of the church caught in the conflict. Having met Brother Andrew, and having also spent considerable time at Bethlehem Bible College, I noted that the impact of Brother Andrew and his ministry among the Palestinian Christians is felt strongly, even today.

“In the midst of never-ending debates, protests, riots, suicide bombings, and broken peace initiatives, one man came to make a difference. He sought out church leaders and urged them not to flee the violence but to stay and strengthen their congregations to become a force for change. He faced the fiery rhetoric of Muslim fundamentalists head on and told them that the only hope for peace would come through Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Previously known for his determination to deliver Bibles behind the Iron Curtain, Brother Andrew has spent the last thirty years on a very different quest. He has traveled to Lebanon, the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel to support the struggling Church. His mission: to bring hope to the believers caught in the crossfire of the most volatile region on earth.” [from the publisher]


Genre: Non-Fiction
Subjects: Christian, Israel, Middle East, Palestine, Palestine / Israel

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