The Land of Christ: A Palestinian Cry

I know Dr. Katanacho personally.  I greatly appreciate his articulate voice.  He is not only a passionate and knowledgeable Palestinian theologian, but he carries a clearly demonstrated love for the Israeli people.  While clearly delineating theological concerns, he is a bridge-builder among peoples.  This book is a most excellent introduction to the Kairos Palestine document as well.


Palestinians and Israeli Jews live in one land, yet as two distinct communities, each of which claims ownership of the same territory. How are we to understand the divine promise pertaining to the land? Did God promise the land exclusively to the Jewish people? Do the Palestinians have a right to live in the land, or does God want them to leave?

After affirming important Palestinian Evangelical concerns, The Land of Christ challenges the argument that God gave the land to Israel. Yohanna Katanacho asks: (1) What are the borders of the land? (2) Who is Israel? (3) How did God give Israel the land? Through careful biblical exegesis, the book responds to these questions, exposing the superficiality of many slogans and claims. Then the book presents an alternative biblical theology of the land.

However, the theology of the land in this book is intimately associated with the context in Israel/Palestine. The Palestinian Kairos Document is the most accepted representative of the current Palestinian context and theology. The book unpacks this document and extrapolates on its theology of the land. Finally, the author does not leave the reader without hope. Katanacho portrays Hagar as a symbol of hope and considers the Korahite Psalms from the perspective of refugees. [from the publisher]



Genre: Religion, theology
Subjects: Israel, Kairos Palestine, Palestine, Palestine / Israel, zionism

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