Whose Land? Whose Promise? What Christians are Not Being Told About Israel and The Palestinians

This is the book that introduced an unexpected trajectory into my life, that led, ultimately, to my wife and I living for fifteen months in Bethlehem, serving with the Palestinian Christians.  Although awareness has been growing, many western Christians have not been aware of the presence of Palestinian Christians in the West Bank and Israel.

Dr. Burge shares many statistics and personal stories, confronting Christians with the moral dilemmas they face, if they simply support the nation of Israel, uncritically, as the beliefs they have assimilated lead them to do. He then begins to deconstruct, or reconstruct various theological premises that too often go unexamined.

Dr. Burge has done a good job at making us aware of basic principles involved in the conflict.  Both he and others offer more specialized works for those who wish to explore further, the issues underlying the conflict in the Holy Land.


Genre: History, nonfiction, theology
Subjects: Christian, Middle East, Palestine, Palestine / Israel

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