Four stars

You Have Heard it Said: Events of Reconciliation

A book that covers one of the things close to my heart–seeing reconciliation between the Palestinian and Israeli followers of Jesus. ┬áThese are stories of reconciliation that we do not hear about very often in the West. They portray the really difficult issues faced by the believers from both communities, who choose the path of …

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Genre: documentary, Religion
Subjects: Israel, Palestine, Palestine / Israel, reconciliation

Christian Zionism Examined

This book contains an assessment of Christian Zionism, particularly in its post-holocaust appearance of sympathetic Israel-fascination. Misguided by an extremely literalist approach of Scripture Christian Zionism has given today’s physical and ethnical Israel a key role in the history and the order of salvation. Consequently Christian Zionist theology has decentralized Christ and decreased his uniqueness, …

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Genre: Religion, theology
Subjects: Israel, Theology, zionism

A Muslim and A Christian in Dialogue

An excellent introduction to Christian and Islamic theology. The thing that I most appreciate about the book is the spirit of mutual respect, in which it is written. ┬áThis book helps to break down barriers and misunderstanding from both groups. It has helped to open significant doors of opportunity to dialogue between Christians and Muslims …

A Muslim and A Christian in Dialogue

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Genre: Christian, Religion
Subjects: Islam, Theology, World Religions