Thoughts on Doubt

It is such an easy task for others to plant doubt in my mind. It is much, much harder for someone to remove that doubt once it is in place.

So we are officially an ebony and ivory family now. We needed to buy another car. Today we got one.

I noticed the word for the Lent Photo theme today was “doubt.” It caused me to reflect a bit on the dynamics that make car-buying choices difficult for me. It seems the common trend for me is this:

I may see the car online, or in person. I decide quickly whether I like what I see. Then I make a thorough examination under the chassis, underneath the hood, and in the exterior. I may take it for a test drive, based on what I see. At this point, I am happy, feeling quite confident that I have found a good match for our needs.

Then, I look it up on one of the car review sites. Oh, No! That year had lots of transmission failure. Suddenly, the testimony of other car owners plants doubt in my mind. No, it would not do to take any chances. We’ll have too look for another. Back to square one.  Pattern repeated again and again.  🙁

That little bit of doubt, planted in my mind, becomes a powerful thing.  I should note, on the other hand, that positive testimonies can serve to bolster our faith as well. The testimonies of others are powerful.


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